I tend to keep things pretty light on this blog. I love to share my experiences of traveling around this great, big, beautiful world that we share, and I enjoy connecting with my readers and reading about your travel experiences as well. With each post I hope to encourage my readers to follow that spark of curiosity and give them the encouragement to set out and accomplish their goals each and every day.

There’s so much negativity in our world today and this blog is the last place that I would want to increase the negativity, hatred, and violence to spread among my readers. I feel that blogging and reading blogs allows me the opportunity to witness the beauty that is found in every day experiences from all corners of the world.

Today, I wanted to pause for just a moment to reflect. To take a moment and realize how precious life really is. We are blessed to have a chance to soak up all that life has to offer and share the beauty with those around us.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by events that occurred in Boston yesterday.

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  1. Cody
    April 17, 2013 / 12:35 AM

    Excellent post. It is great to read something like this after two days of seeing how evil people can be to innocent bystanders. Your right we need to take the time to realize just how precious life can be.


    • April 18, 2013 / 8:41 AM

      Thank you. I’m glad we try to take every opportunity to live life to the fullest. You never know how quickly it can be gone until it’s too late.
      Love you.

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