“You Gotta Love it Baby!”

Throughout my travels, especially in the Caribbean, when I tell people that I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, their response is typically, “Oh, the Utah Jazz! That basketball team is really fun to watch!”

My husband and I enjoy sports so we try to go to at least a few Jazz games each season, and this weekend was no exception. To celebrate my older brother’s 30th birthday, my family came down to the big city and we went to dinner and a Jazz game. (Who am I kidding? The kid doesn’t just celebrate his “birthday” it’s more like a birthday month, so we will probably celebrate again later on this month. And I’m told that he’s not 30, he’s 21… apparently, he’s already going senile.) 😉

I enjoyed some green beer for St. Patrick’s day as we watched the Jazz take on the Memphis Grizzlies. The leader went back and forth throughout the game, and it was a nail biter until the end (as most Jazz games usually are). With a few three-pointers the Jazz pulled through and got the ‘W’ which was needed to keep playoff hopes alive. GO JAZZ!

My little brother, who’s not so little anymore

Cute niece!

Green Beer! Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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  1. March 18, 2013 / 7:40 PM

    Well we have the Raptors… yet another struggling Toronto team….

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