Pacific: ‘Pa-cif-ic’

1. peaceful in character or intent

2. of or relating to the Pacific Ocean

Hello my friends! We’re baaaack! 🙂 Even though we didn’t actually visit the Pacific Ocean as mentioned above, I am able to tell you that today I am feeling very peaceful (and maybe slightly exhausted) after our ten-day vacation to the Southern Caribbean. I have some fun posts for you coming up over the next week or two, and I can’t wait to share. I’ll be the first one to admit that even when I’m not trying to find crazy adventures to push the limits, they still seem to find me! 😉

Happy Monday!

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  1. Crystal
    June 12, 2012 / 5:55 PM

    can’t wait to read what you have to say! 🙂 ♥

  2. June 14, 2012 / 8:17 PM

    enjoy! and i can’t wait to hear all ab it

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