Travel Tips Thursday—Trip It

A few months ago I was looking for helpful travel applications to try out on my iPhone. As I began browsing the app store, I quickly found a travel app that had high ratings and was free: TripIt. This application is a travel organizer that keeps all of your travel information in one convenient location.

On our most recent trip to the Bahamas, I wanted to try this highly rated app to see what all the hype was about. I quickly realized why users rated it four and a half stars: it was easy to use, and gave me the ability to quickly access my information.

While making travel reservations, the moment that I would receive a confirmation email for our travel plans, I would forward those emails to Trip It and soon after the information magically appeared in my phone (awe-some!).

As a detail-oriented traveler, I tend to have a packet of information on our travel days: reservation confirmations, tickets, itinerary, and more. However, on this trip, as we arrived at the airport to check in for our flight, I found it much easier to look at the app for our reservation number rather than dig through the four pages of travel information that I had in my purse (I brought it along, just in case).

One problem that I see with storing all of your travel information solely on your phone is that if your phone doesn’t have enough power, or you are unable to get service on your phone all of your travel information is gone.

I was pleased with TripIt and plan on using this app time and time again. What are some of your favorite travel applications that I should download?

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  1. March 15, 2012 / 12:12 PM

    I like using trip advisor but I’ll have to check out this one!

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