Weekly Photo Challenge

I can’t believe that I have missed three of the weekly photo challenges. I hope that you enjoy my interpretations of the different challenges. Enjoy your Saturday!


One of my favorite things about my husband is his artistic ability. I love seeing his drawings and the art that he creates with the materials around him. Like these flowers, created on Baldwin Beach on the North-side of Maui.


When I went snorkeling with sharks in the Bahamas last January, these sharks were definitely trying to get a closer look at the lunch buffet snorkelers. I still can’t believe that I paid to get in the water (without a cage) and swim with these guys. 😉 I’m glad I did because it still gives me a rush when I think about it. (Can you see the four sharks in the photo below? Look close, the one is hidden).


These two Pugs have a very special bond. Our dog Dexter (the bigger one) is the baby of the family and he loves his “big sister” Gizmo. He’s always trying to cuddle with Gizmo (whenever she’s patient enough to let him).

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